Staying safe in Easter Term 2021

This section of the College website gathers together information on all of the changes relating to the COVID situation. Please ensure that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the content and check back regularly for updates. Please note that, if you notice a discrepancy between information here and elsewhere in the College website or documentation then the information here takes precedence. The situation is changing rapidly and there is not always time to ensure that every point of publication is up to date.

These measures are in place to ensure that the Downing community is as safe as possible.  As the situation continues to develop over the coming weeks and months, we may be able to relax some measures or we may be required to implement more. We are committed to providing the very highest standard of education and to the best possible environment for our student community. Where we can open up opportunities for more traditional College activities then we will and we may create new traditions along the way!

However, now we are focussed on finding the safest path through the academic year. We know, from our students and their friends and families, that this is a shared priority.

This term we will start safe and we will stay safe.  

Downing COVID Community Agreement

"I will play my part in keeping Downing Healthy"


Rules and restrictions during coronavirus (COVID-19)

All members of the Downing community are responsible for making themselves aware of the restrictions and ensuring that they comply with them. 

You can read about the restrictions here.