Ultimate Frisbee is an extremely fast paced team sport which involves passing the disc between players in order to score points in the opponent’s end zone.

The sport is founded on the spirit of the game, whereby players play without any intention of cheating and resolve disputes themselves, without the help of referees.

Confused? All will be explained at DCU practices, so please come along and see what it is all about. Most people will have never played before, so there’s no need to feel disadvantaged.

We hold practices every week, and also compete in the College League and Cuppers Tournaments, with many of our players also going on to represent the University with the main Cambridge team, Strange Blue.

So please, come and join us whenever you like, both males and females, whatever your playing level. If you have any questions, we’re often found throwing around a disc on the paddock, so feel free to come and join us.

Find more information on our Facebook page.


Aimeric Malter (am2392)

Beth Boucher (bb488)