Lent Term 2022: COVID-19 considerations

We welcome every member of the College community to Downing for the commencement of Lent Term 2022.

Those of you who were in College prior to the pandemic period will find much taking place that you remember. Formal Halls are re-instated, College clubs and societies will be meeting, teaching and studying taking place in person as well as online. There is a real sense of a return to College life.

We are mindful that management of the risks arising from Covid-19 is still a prime concern, for students, staff and for the wider Cambridge community. The College has developed an approach to the management of these risks that is broadly in alignment with the methods in use across the Collegiate University. As ever, the health, safety, and security of our students and staff is our first priority.

The Downing approach is a community approach and, as such, relies heavily on every member of the College playing their part. All of us can take steps to reduce the potential for COVID-19 to impact our own lives and the lives of those around us. While we are working our way through the Term, we must continue to exercise conscientious care and courtesy towards others.

These webpages set out our Covid-19 management arrangements. Please ensure that you take the time to read them fully. You should also look out for emails from the Covid Isolation Support Team which may arrive in your Inbox from time to time with additional updates. Stay aware of the latest COVID-19 guidance by regularly checking Government updates and be aware that these pages are subject to change at any time.