In order to remain in good standing and be in a position to receive funds from the DCAC, a College society must undertake to supply certain information about their activities for administration and publicity purposes. This information is summarised in the College Societies Annual Registration (CSAR).

This registration includes use and updating of the College Points of Presence (PoP) register. This is an online list of all websites and social media channels that are associated with the College. It's primary purpose is to ensure that, as far as possible, news and information about activities around College can be shared effectively. A secondary purpose is to ensure that there are up-to-date contact details for all of these channels in case there are any complaints received about use or content.

If you are involved in the creation or management of websites or social media for a College Society or formal College event please ensure that your PoP registrations are up to date.

The link to the PoP register is :

Students should log in using the generic student Distro credentials. These are available on the JCR and MCR websites and are circulated to all students at the beginning of the new academic year.
UIS (Raven) passwords will not work.