College Accommodation

If you have any queries relating to the accommodation or what to bring with you, please refer to the accommodation pages for further information.  You are encouraged to arrive in time to take advantage of the programme of events being organised by the MCR.  These activities are designed to orientate you in Cambridge and introduce you to life in College.  We hope that you will enjoy taking an active part in our postgraduate community.

College Room Inventory

If you are living in College accommodation, you must undertake an inventory and condition report of the fixtures, fittings and furniture in your College room on arrival in Cambridge.  The link to an online room inventory will be published in September.  Please ensure this form is submitted as soon as possible to avoid the cost of any damages caused by previous occupants being charged to your College bill.

The College recommends you are adequately insured to protect your property in the event of fire or theft while living in Cambridge.  Students living in College accommodation are insured through the College provider, S-Tech.  The weekly premium is charged to your College bill as part of your rental charge.  The policy covers accidental damage to rooms, as well as limited cover for your bicycle and laptop both on and off College premises.  Please refer to this document, which outlines the level of cover, and provides a summary of the policy for further information.  Please note, this policy does not include accidental damage to your own contents or any high risk or valuable items over £1000.  If you would like to increase these limits or extend your cover, upgrades to the minimum cover provision can be made by using the online quote system.

To submit a claim relating to your own contents, please complete the online claim form.  Alternatively, if the claim relates to the property, for example accidental damage to carpet, furnishings, or a water leak, please contact the Accommodation Officer immediately.

For further information, please refer to the Accommodation pages. 

If you are not living in College accommodation, specialist possessions insurance for students is available through Endsleigh and other providers.