Where is the College accommodation located?

All College accommodation is located on the Domus, the Downing College site, apart from rooms in the College Boathouse. 

First year students are usually accommodated in Griphon House,  Kenny A, Kenny B , Howard Lodge or J Staircase.  Postgraduate students are usually accommodated in the 70 and 76 Regent Street, the Singer Building, Battcock Lodge and the Boathouse.

How much rent will I pay, and what does this include?

See the Rents and bands explained page for further information.

Can I see pictures of the accommodation I have been allocated?

We do not have photographs of every individual room at Downing.  You will be able to see one or two rooms from each accommodation block which are a fair representation of the rooms in this area.  Look at the Accommodation Search for more details.

Can I have a guest to stay in my room?

You can have a guest to stay in your College room, but only for two nights and they must be signed in at the Porters' Lodge.

Can I bring my own furniture?

You are not allowed to bring your own furniture, nor are you allowed to remove any furniture from your room.