For reasons of security it is essential that all College gates are locked for periods during the night.

Normally the pedestrian gate in Regent Street is shut from 11.00pm until 6.00am, although there is always a Porter on duty to let College members into the College. Other gates are closed earlier.

The gate at the south end of the Paddock leading to Lensfield Road and the gate into the Downing site can be opened by your room key. The gate onto the Downing Site is normally open from 6.00am to 6.30pm daily and may be closed periodically during the year. There is no public right of way through the College.

Access to College houses after midnight is not encouraged and is only at the discretion of the Hostelkeeper. Those who are not living in College are advised to enquire about conditions of entry to their place of residence after midnight before entering into any tenancy agreement.

Security and personal safety within College is a major concern. Every student should take suitable steps to protect themselves both in College and when out in the town, bearing in mind that not all areas of the town are well lit.

Guests may be brought into College whenever its gates are open. The host assumes responsibility for the behaviour of their guests whilst they are in College or on College premises. Guests are required to have left College by 12.45am and College houses by midnight.

It is of the greatest importance that there be minimal noise in the College and College houses in the evenings and at night. Many resident members of the College will wish to work or sleep at these times.

The College authorities take a serious view of disruption to the working life of the College through noise or unruly behaviour.