All student bicycles must be marked with a unique personal number which will be allocated by the Porters. This is not only to satisfy University Regulations (Proctors may issue warnings or on-the-spot fines for failure to comply) but also to maximise the chance of the bike’s return should it be stolen.

Unregistered bikes are not covered by college insurance in the event of theft. Information as to accommodation for bicycles in the College should be obtained from the Head Porter. The College insurance provides cover of a maximum of £200 (less any policy excess) for your bicycle. Please refer to the insurance webpage for more details.                  

Cycling is not permitted in College and no bicycle may be brought into the Quadrangle, Howard Court, or Kenny Court, or stored in staircases or College houses.

An exception to this is that graduates may wheel their bicycles through the Quadrangle if they live in the Singer Building. Fellows may cycle their bicycles in the Quadrangle.

Motor vehicles

Owing to traffic problems in Cambridge, the University and Colleges are under an obligation to the local authorities to restrict the use of motor vehicles by students. It is an offence against University rules for a student to keep, hire or drive a car or motorcycle within ten miles of Cambridge while in residence in Term or in the Long Vacation without permission. The University Motor Proctor may impose a fine for breaches of this rule. *

Permission must be applied for via online Student Forms (you will need to log in with your Downing credentials) and is only granted in exceptional circumstances. Your Tutor will need to approve your request, and permission can only be granted when an authorised parking space is available.

The same parking application must be completed when permission is sought to park a motor vehicle in College. Student parking is very limited in the College and only special cases are granted permission. A parking badge is required if a vehicle is to be parked in College, for which there is a charge for the academic year (see the Fees and Charges page). Students with a registered disability are not required to pay a fee.

Rules and regulations for student car parking 

  • Students will need to apply for a University Motor Licence if they wish to keep, hire or drive a car in Cambridge (*see note above)
  • A car parking application must be completed and sanctioned by the Senior Tutor when seeking permission to park a motor vehicle in College
  • Student car parking is very limited and only special cases are granted permission, as capacity allows (determined by the Senior Bursar)
  • Student parking spaces are ordinarily located in front of the houses on Lensfield Road, not on the Domus; a space at Lensfield Road does not grant access to the Domus itself
  • Students are not allowed to park or drive their cars on the Domus without prior permission of the Senior Tutor, or in exceptional cases at the Porter’s discretion (e.g. unloading, medical reasons etc.)
  • There is a rising bollard for access to the Domus – take extreme care
  • The speed limit on the Domus of 5mph must be observed at all times
  • No vehicles are allowed in Main Court, Kenny Court or First Court
  • If space allows, parents/carers of junior members are allowed to park in College when visiting, and to do so they will need to report to the Porters’ Lodge. In addition, there are a limited number of spaces, which can be pre-booked through the Porters’ Lodge, for all other visitors.