Arrangements for Christmas Closure 2019

Information for students staying in College over Christmas

This year the Christmas closure period begins at 5pm on Friday 20 December 2019 until Wednesday 1 January 2020 inclusive. The College reopens on Thursday 2 January 2020.

Following a survey of students in residence over the Christmas period last year, the College has agreed the following provisions for this year’s closure period.

Porters' Lodge

  • The Porters’ Lodge is staffed 24/7 during the Christmas closure. 
  • The Porters on duty are your first point of contact for information, advice and/or during an emergency.  Please call the Porters’ Lodge on 01223 334800.


  • All perimeter gates (main entrance; Lensfield Road gate; Howard gate) will be operable via University cards as usual.


Catering will be available at the following times during the Christmas period:

  • Thursday 19 December: catering as usual in both Servery and Butterfield cafe.
  • Friday 20 December: no catering available in the Servery; Butterfield café open 8am until 1pm.

** No Catering service in College during Christmas closure period **

  • Thursday 2 January: lunch and dinner service in Servery (but no breakfast service); Butterfield café open 8am until 4pm.
  • Friday 3 January: catering as usual in both Servery and Butterfield cafe.

Changes to the catering service between the end of NPR and Thursday 19 December inclusive will be circulated by email to students by the catering team.

Nurse Clinic hours for outside NPR (until 20th December)

Clinics with Nurse Edel Gower

  • Drop-in, no appointment required: Monday 10am-12pm; Tuesday 10am-1pm; Wednesday 10am-1pm; Thursday 12-2pm.
  • Thursday appointments by direct email only:

Clinics with Nurse Lara Murphy

  • Drop-in, no appointment required: Thursday 10am-12pm and 2p-3pm; Friday 10.30am-12pm and 2pm-3.30pm.
  • **Please note: there will be no Nurse Clinic on Friday 13 December


  • The library will be open with University Card access 24/7 throughout the Christmas period. 
  • Library staff will be available on a reduced basis throughout the Christmas period.
  • Some days, including all bank holidays, will be completely unstaffed. 
  • To make specific arrangements with library staff, for example to access locked cabinet books, please email


  • The gym will be open as usual with University card access for gym members.

Music Practice Rooms

  • The Music Practice rooms will be available throughout the Christmas closure period as usual. Normal booking arrangements apply.


Please note: you must inform the Accommodation Office that you intend to stay for part or all of the Christmas shutdown period, so the Housekeeping team know to service your accommodation area. 

For students in residence, housekeeping will provide the following services on three days (Monday 23 December; Friday 27 December; Monday 31 December) during the Christmas closure:

  • Remove refuse in kitchen areas where we have been notified that students are in residence.
  • Remove refuse from and leave additional toilet roll(s) for all student rooms where we have been notified that students are in residence.
  • Housekeeping have requested that bins to be emptied are left outside student rooms on the three specified cleaning days: 23/27/31 December.


College Events

  • The Master Alan Bookbinder and his wife Vicki Ambery-Smith will host a party in the Master’s Lodge on Saturday 21 December from 4pm until 6pm for students in residence over Christmas period. Details will be circulated to you by email.

Other Events

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Revised 10 December 2019.