The Butterfield Café and Bar

The Butterfield building serves as a café during the day and a student bar in the evening, and provides common room facilities for the undergraduate community, known as the Junior Combination Room (JCR).

The TV Room

This is located on S staircase and serves as a place to meet, watch TV or DVDs and relax.

The Middle Combination Room

The common room used by graduates is called the Middle Combination Room (MCR), the Treherne Room, which is located on S Staircase.

It has newspapers, wide-screen TV, a bar, and facilities for making tea and coffee. It provides a useful base, particularly for those not resident in College. The MCR is administered by MCR committee members, who are elected by their fellow graduates.

These officers also organise dinners in Hall, private dinner parties in the West Lodge for members of the MCR and their guests, and other social events.

Members of the MCR are also members of the Amalgamation Club, the joint organisation of the JCR and MCR. They are encouraged to use the facilities it provides and to take part in College activities of all types.

The President and Vice-President of the MCR represent the graduate students at the Governing Body, the General Purposes Committee and various other committees.