Mr Liron Shmilovits
College Teaching Associate in Law

co-Director of Studies in Law (Part II, LLM, MCL); Bye-Fellow; supervisor in Law of Contract and Intellectual Property

LLB (UNSW), BCom (UNSW), LLM (Cantab), Solicitor (non-practising, New South Wales)

Liron is interested in private law (especially contract) and intellectual property (especially copyright). His doctoral thesis, due to be submitted in early 2018, is about legal fictions in private law.

Liron practised law as a solicitor in Australia for two years. He was admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. His main area of practice was commercial law, both litigated and transactional.  

Liron Shmilovits, ‘Legal Fictions in Theory and Practice’ [2017] 76 CLJ 683.

Liron Shmilovits, ‘Amending a Contract contrary to its own Provisions’ [2016] LMCLQ 363.

Liron Shmilovits, ‘Testing the Limits of Interpretation’ [2016] LMCLQ 20.