Dr Jay Stock
Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology
Reader of Human Evolution and Adaptability

Director of Studies in Archaeology and Graduate Tutor

BA (Trent), MA, MSc (Guelph), PhD (Toronto)

My research is primarily concerned with understanding the ways in which human behaviour influences skeletal anatomy, and the evolutionary mechanisms that have produced modern human diversity. Many research areas are relevant to this work, including morphometrics, skeletal growth; biomechanics; behavioural ecology; archaeology and human adaptation. My research projects span these areas to study environmental influences on the adult phenotype; the ontogeny of skeletal variability; and the interpretation of habitual behaviour of prehistoric human populations. I have studied the skeletal anatomy of human populations from Siberia, North and South America, southern, northern and eastern Africa, the Levant, southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania. My research is designed to expand our understanding of the adaptive and developmental mechanisms that produce human variation, and to provide a comparative framework for the interpretation of adaptation and habitual behaviour in recent human evolution. Recently I have also been conducting archaeological research in the Azraq Basin in Jordan. This research is designed to understand the cultural and biological complexity of hunter-gatherers just prior to the origins of agriculture and the world’s first sedentary villages.

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