In preparation for your studies here, it is strongly recommend that you obtain and study the following text before coming up:

Essential Cell Biology (Paperback)

Bruce Alberts (Author), Dennis Bray (Author), Karen Hopkin (Author), Alexander Johnson (Author), Keith Roberts (Author), Julian Lewis (Author), Martin Raff (Author), Peter Walter (Author)

Paperback: 865 pages

Publisher: Garland Science; 4 edition (5 Nov 2013)

ISBN-10: 0815344554

ISBN-13: 978-0815344551

The reason for encouraging you to undertake some preparatory reading in this way before you come up is that the cell biology component of Part IA Molecules in Medical Science hits hard and immediately during the first term. Our experience has been that students arriving unprepared for this, especially, but not only, those who have not read A level Biology, may find the going very tough and may get into serious - but avoidable - difficulty which might compromise the success of their entire first year. Time spent on preparatory reading will indeed be time well spent. Please be sure that you do it. 

You will be sent the Medical Students handbook in August; this is also available on line here: