Downing College Fresher's Reading List for Economics 2018-19 and Mathematics workbook

Please follow this link to the Faculty website so you can start to explore the reading you need to do: - (have a look at the Preliminary Reading List link)

Mathematics is an essential tool for economists in Cambridge. Here are some questions you are being asked to do that will greatly aid your mathematical thinking, they are typically far more involved than those encountered at school: Maths and Stats.   Please work through these questions before arriving in Cambridge.  This workbook will also be sent to you both electronically and in hard copy in mid-August.

You may have already mastered all the material, in which case this workbook will provide a useful set of revision problems.   However, if any of the material is new to you, or you get stuck on any of the questions in this section, then we suggest that you refer to an appropriate A-level textbook that covers core A-level material, especially if you find all of the questions on a particular topic problematic.

You should attempt all the questions even if you have difficulties with some of them; before you arrive in Cambridge you will be sent some help with them.