University Card

At Registration on Saturday 30 September you will collect your University Card.  This card identifies you as a student, provides access to library facilities, College gates, some student rooms and is used to charge meals and beverages to your College account.  Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions published by the University Card Service prior to your arrival in Cambridge.

The University Card, issued to all students and staff, is increasingly used around the University to grant access to services and facilities.

You are reminded of the importance of keeping your University Card secure.  As well as identifying you as a member of the University and of the College, it can also function as a key and a method of payment.  It is a form of identification that is linked to you and should not be loaned or shared with anyone else.

In the event that you lose your University Card this should be reported immediately to the Tutorial Office.  We will contact the University Card Office and a replacement card will be produced.  Please note, this will incur a charge.

Further information about the loss, replacement and functions of the University Card can be read on the College website.