Congratulations on being accepted to study at Downing College!  Welcome to the MCR!

The MCR, (or Middle Combination Room), is the graduate community within Downing.  As a Downing College Graduate student following any of the Postgraduate courses offered by the University, you automatically become a member of the MCR.  There is an MCR committee that represents the interests of the Graduates within the College, offers Graduate students support and advice, and organises many different social events.

The members of the MCR want to help you feel at home here at Downing and enjoy life in Cambridge to the fullest.  You will find more details and helpful advice to get you started in Cambridge in our carefully prepared Freshers’ Guide.  We have organised a series of events for you to enjoy during your first few weeks here.  Activities will range from tea with the Master, to tours of the city, punting trips and pub nights.  You will find the plan for Freshers’ Week here.  We hope these events will help you settle in, find your feet and meet some like-minded, friendly people.

When coming to Cambridge to study it is important to realise that the Colleges mean A LOT here.  There are a large number of University clubs and societies, which are excellent ways of meeting people with similar interests outside of College.  However, College provides a close-knit community and social hub where people often choose to spend their free time.  When you arrive you will quickly learn that Downing is a fantastic place to be.

Great Things About Downing

  • Full of friendly, down to earth, intelligent people.
  • The location - often underestimated (some people think the 5 minute walk is 'too far' from the centre of the city - however, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and busy shoppers College feels calm, relaxed and tranquil.  On top of that, it is next door to the Downing Site and on the right side of town if you will be working at Addenbrookes or the Babraham Institute).
  • A lot of green space within the College grounds giving it a nice open feel.
  • The accommodation that is available is very well furnished.
  • The most friendly and helpful Porters and Administration Staff in all of Cambridge.
  • An active MCR committee; welcoming, great opportunities to get involved, listens to your opinions and gives you the chance to work hard and play hard!
  • At Downing, you never have to sit alone in your room at night - we are constantly holding events, or just hanging out in the MCR, and we hope you'll always feel welcome to come along and join us.
  • A large, spacious and constantly in use MCR room where you can meet with your friends, drink tea, eat cake, play pool or table football or just watch TV.
  • A gym, dance studio, tennis/netball/basketball courts, football pitch, bar and library - all on site.
  • Boat Club and many other active societies and sports clubs!  Joining a society or sports club is a great way to feel like you are part of the College.  Plus you get to meet lots of different Downing people, including undergrads (which helps lessen the grad-undergrad divide which, in our opinion, is a good thing).

We hope you have a wonderful time here in Cambridge.  We are looking forward to meeting you and if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to get in touch with the MCR President, Vice President or MCR Officers.