Please complete the College Accommodation Form as follows:

  1. Enter your official surname and forenames (no nicknames please).
  2. The subject you will be reading whilst at Cambridge.
  3. Indicate your preferred choice of rent band in the 'preference' boxes.  1 = first choice, 2 = second choice, 3 = third choice.
  4. It is extremely important to note in this box if you have a medical condition, sensory impairment, physical requirement or a cultural or faith requirement.  We will then do our best to meet your accommodation preferences.  (For example, ground floor accommodation, permission for separate food refrigeration or provision of cooking facilities to meet cultural or faith requirements.)
  5. Please email this form to the Accommodation Office by 24 August at the latest.  We regret that it may not be possible to satisfy accommodation requests received after this date.
  6. We will send you a letter at the beginning of September to confirm your accommodation and room number.  If you wish to make any changes at this point, please contact the Accommodation Officer to discuss the possibility.