Arrival Information for Postgraduate Home Students (UK only)

Home students must arrive at the College after 1.00 pm but before 4.00 pm on Saturday 30 September.  Exceptionally, if you have difficulty completing a long journey by 4.00 pm on the Saturday or if, for religious reasons, you are unable to travel on this day, you may be given permission to arrive on Friday 29 September.  If you have a course start date in September, you will need permission to arrive or come into residence early.  Please notify the Graduate Admissions Officer by Friday 1 September if such permission is required.

Please print this event timetable now which will assist you on arrival at Downing.

You should first report to the Porters’ Lodge, at the entrance to the College, and do the following:

  • Ask the Porters to provide you with a map of the College as well as direct you where to park for unloading purposes.

All new graduates must then report to the Tutorial and Admissions Office (located on B staircase) to register and do the following:

  1. Collect your University Card.  (Required to obtain food and drink in the Dining Hall/Butterfield Bar and access to some College rooms, gates, Libraries and certain Faculties.)
  2. If you are a new Clinical Medic, Clinical Vet, PGCE student or have taken out a Postgraduate Master's Loan from the Student Loan Company, you will need to obtain Student Loan payment authorisation.  (To release your student loan we are required to see either your passport or driving licence so please remember to bring one of these with you.)
  3. Complete critical forms.
  4. Collect your Registration pack.

The Tutorial and Admissions Office is open for registration at the following times:

Saturday 30 September 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Lastly, you must return to the Porters' Lodge to do the following:

  1. If you have been allocated a room at Downing, please sign-in and ask for the key to your accommodation.  (Please note, if your room is accessible by University Card only, you will have collected your card at registration.)
  2. Collect the post from your pigeon hole.  (You will find a copy of your College bill.)

Parking is allowed in the College for unloading and cars should be removed promptly once this is complete.  Details regarding local car parks are provided by Cambridge City CouncilPlease note, the University Ordinances prohibit all students from keeping a car in Cambridge, save in the most exceptional circumstances.  For further information or queries please contact the College Office.