Various forms and tasks now need to be completed.  Please use the following checklist to ensure they are done by the deadlines stated.  A printable version is available here.

  1. University Student Registration  [As soon as possible] You will be emailed by the University in August or September to ask you to create an account and log in to Self Service.
  2. Financial Support Form  [Deadline:  Sunday 2 SeptemberIf you have not already sent a copy of this form, please do so.
  3. Health Questionnaire  [Deadline:  Friday 21 September] You will be emailed a link to the online questionnaire at the beginning of September or following confirmation of your course if later.
  4. Matriculation Dinner Form  [Deadline:  Monday 24 September]
  5. Vaccinations  [Deadline:  Saturday 29 September, or arrival date if earlier]
  6. Director of Studies Appointment - BTH, LLM, MCL and MAST students only  [Deadline:  Monday 1 October]
  7. Room Inventory  [Deadline:  Friday 5 OctoberOnly if you are in Downing accommodation.
  8. College Policies and Terms & Conditions  [Deadline:  Friday 5 October]
  9. Academic Gown  [Deadline:  Monday 8 October]
  10. Register with a Doctor in Cambridge  [Deadline:  Monday 8 October]
  11. Graduate Tutor Appointment  [Deadline:  Monday 8 October]
  12. College Bill  [Deadline:  Wednesday 10 October]
  13. College Nurse Registration  [Deadline:  Friday 12 October]
  14. Writing and Study Skills Seminars  [Deadline:  Monday 5 November]

If any of the following circumstances apply to you or your studies, we are expecting to hear from you.  Permission is needed from the College to arrive or come into residence early.  You must email the Graduate Admissions Office, indicating your planned arrival date and the reason for your request, which we expect to be one of the following: 

  • I have a course start date earlier than Saturday 29 September
  • I am an international student* and wish to arrive or come into residence after 2.00 pm on Thursday 27 September to orientate myself to the UK
  • I am unable to travel on Saturday 29 September due to religious reasons and wish to arrive and register after 2.00 pm on Friday 28 September

*International students are deemed to be those who have not previously lived or attended school in the UK.

We regret that it may not be possible to fulfill all requests, which are granted subject to room availability.