Important instructions on form-filling for new undergraduates and postgraduates

There will be a number of electronic forms in pdf format to complete and submit by email to the College.  Please ensure that Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, as you will require this software in order to do so.  A free download is available from Adobe.  Please note, if you are using an Apple device, please do not use the Apple version of Reader as your forms will return blank.

As soon as the web information goes 'live' on Thursday 16 August, please complete and save all forms and send each one individually as an email attachment to the College using the email address specified on each form.  Please note, the forms will be processed by different departments.  Therefore, please ensure that each form is emailed to the correct email address specified in the August checklist, which will also be published on Thursday 16 August.  It is important to return all forms by the deadlines stated.