The Sphere of Light
'The Anne Boleyn saga as never told before'
presented as a rehearsed reading

Saturday 1 July 2017
Performances at 4pm and 8pm
The Howard Theatre, Downing College

Tickets at £12/10

Ann Henning Jocelyn’s intriguing new play unfolds like a detective story, exploring the many mysteries surrounding the fate of the Boleyn family. Whilst thoroughly researched and historically accurate, the play is a character-driven drama focused on gender dynamics and as such timeless and universal.

The author's interest in the subject stems from the discovery that she is married to a descendant of Lord Hunsdon, son of Mary Boleyn and, presumably, King Henry VIII. Decades of research opened up many unanswered questions until finally, an ancient tombstone found at an Irish Tudor castle provided the cue to a highly plausible new scenario.

Her previous plays have been performed in various venues, at home and abroad, including the acclaimed West End production of Only Our Own: “…immensely powerful… it tackles a huge theme with dynamic artistry.” (Loyd Evans, The Spectator).