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2016-2017 President

President Sir David Lloyd Jones (1970)

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises Senior Officers of the Association, and invited and co-opted members. The Members of the 2016-2017 Committee are:
President Sir David Lloyd Jones (1970)
Vice Presidents Frank Weiss (1950)
Peter Thomson (1953)
John Hicks (1955)
Immediate Past President Leo Judd (1965)
President Elect Neville Tait (1962)
Honorary Secretary and Editor Barrie Hunt (1966)
Assistant Secretary (College Record) Dr Ken McNamara
Honorary Treasurer Norman Berger (1952)
Members: Professor David James (1968)
Simon Walker (1975)
David Garforth-Bles (1976)
Dr Colin Blackmore (1991)
David Riddoch (1995)
Katherine Fish (2008)
Co-opted Members:
Roy Farmer (1958)
Dr Kate Dyer (1982)
Karen Storey (1982)
Senior Tutor Dr Guy Williams (1992)
Development Director Gabrielle Bennett
Events Officer Rachel Tonkin
The current JCR President Tom Meadows (2014)
The current MCR President Nicky Soane